Our 4 metre by 2.5 metre pool is suitable for all breeds, shape and sizes of dog.

The pool is attended by a hydrotherapist at all times, mostly in the pool along with the dog, so that the dog too gets the full
benefit from treatment.

We also offer access to a fully qualified animal physiotherapist and a qualified myotherapist.

Sessions last 30 minutes with the maximum time the dog spends in the water being 20 minutes. However, when first
starting out with hydrotherapy your dog could only be in the water as little as 4-5 minutes. As with every as of exercise it is important to gradually build up and increase the time they spend in the water up to the maximum of 20 minutes.

There are drying facilities on site but we do encourage owners to bring their own towels.

Please also be aware you will probably get wet!!

The centre is open Mon-Sat by appointment only from 8.30 till 5.30 Late bookings and Sundays are available on request,but will incur an additional charge.

Owners may swim with their dogs at their own risk

Please read our terms and conditions for further details

Hydrotherapy can help many conditions..........

Spinal injuries

CDRM - chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy (disease of the spinal cord and nerve roots)

Pre and post operative conditioning

Hip and elbow dysplasia

OCD Osteochrondrosis

Hip surgery – FHO Femoral Head Osteotomy

TPO Triple Pelvic Osteotomy or Total Hip replacement

Arthritis – reducing pain and increasing mobility maintaining fitness without stressing the joints

Recovering from injuries – including soft tissue and neurological damage

Cruciate ligament injuries and repair – including conventional surgery and TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy)

Relief of pain, swelling and stiffness

Obesity – weight loss in conjunction with diet 

As with all medical conditions you should always check first with your veterinary surgeon that your dog is fit to undergo hydrotherapy



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